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  • Healthy Food Guide magazine
  • The Foodtown Magazine
  • Allergy Today magazine
  • Fitness Life magazine
  • Rich Man Road
  • A Guide to Live More Awesome


North Port Events

  • Proof and correct raw files for exhibitions – visitor showguides, entertainment and seminar programmes, cooking demonstrations, exhibitor special offers and new products
  • Reformat and proof chefs’ cooking demonstration recipes
  • Marketing, sales, advertising and sponsorship material
  • New websites (see Digital experience)

Karen Murrell skincare range: Packaging material for new range, plus product brochures, posters, training and technical manuals, brand guide, enewsletters, website copy (copy and design proof)

Sanitarium Nutrition Service: Vegetarian School Curriculum Resource online content including interactive lesson plans, practical cooking sessions, teacher forums, toolkits, homework projects, nutritional leaflets, recipes, glossaries

Labtests NZ: Technical procedure and training manuals (proof, document control)

The Trusts Stadium: Proof and reformat facilities hire agreements, application forms, tender documents, technical manuals, press releases (proof, reformat)

Restaurants | caterers | food distributors: Menus, flyers, proposals, enewsletters, distribution lists, new product launches, website copy

Public relations: Press releases, campaign proposals, interview transcripts, letters, business plans

Associations: Meeting minutes, member communications, OSH manuals, website copy

Teachers | tutors | students: Teaching material, manuals, assignments

Nutritionists: Eating plans, website copy, blogs

Annual reports


... and much more