Wired Word


Proofreading website copy is only just the beginning; ensuring accuracy takes on a whole new meaning when applied to the digital environment.

When you attract a reader or end user, it is your only chance to garner their loyalty. Errors can erode their confidence in you, damage your credibility, or worse, drive them directly to a competitor.


Do you have an existing website with new content to load, or enewsletters and emails to send but don’t want or need your own digital team?

Are you a developer building new websites and apps with no proofing or testing skill in-house?

Does your database content need cleaning?

We can help with these tasks, and more, working either from your office or ours.


Load content to CMS  |  proof existing or new web content
Test and proof new websites for consistency of look and feel  |  terminology in front end and CMS  |  functionality  |  links
Reformat and manipulate existing content  |  data for application in other platforms (e.g. apps, digital magazine issues)
Build and send emails and enewsletters  |  manage subscriber data
Clean content in existing databases