Their Word


Forest & Bird magazine

“Thanks for doing a stunning job proofreading the magazine. You picked up so many things that we needed to fix.

I think this will be the best-proofed issue yet!”

— Caroline Wood, Editor [email]

North Port Events

"Tracy is our go-to for all our proofreading requirements – for any types of materials.
She's a grammar guru and spots mistakes and inconsistencies like no other!

Her work is always performed to an exceptional standard, jobs are always turned around quickly, and her communications to manage time frames and expectations are fantastic."

— Rebecca Stewart, GM  [email]

Labtests NZ

“Tracy proved her value and accuracy as proofreader and document controller during the establishment phase of Labtests NZ.

Her role required that she proof and format all of the complex operating procedures documents required for a large medical laboratory. There were many and varied disciplines within the laboratory, each with unique requirements. It was essential, given the sensitivity and critical nature of the actions to be completed by the laboratory, that these procedures were sensibly laid out, easy to follow, and 100 per cent accurate.

Tracy worked extremely well with the senior medical professionals, suggesting actions to improve document flow and layout in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is a measure of the confidence she engendered in her ability that she was asked by the project managers to stay on and complete the documentation when the set-up team was disbanded."

— David Carter, Training Manager

Healthy Food Guide

"We contracted Final Word for a three-month web content coordinator role in 2007 and Tracy was so good we simply couldn’t let her go... for nearly 11 years! There is simply no one better at ensuring 100 per cent accuracy of data in the back end and 100 per cent consistency of look and feel in the front end. She also proofread the monthly magazine issues for a six-month fixed term.

Tracy spots and fixes inconsistencies and inaccuracies no one else sees, that if left unchecked would damage our credibility and reputation.”

— Pip Mehrtens, past GM  [email]


"I worked with Tracy during the development and production phases of the Healthy Food Guide website. This was a transition to a full large-scale content management system (CMS). She was involved in all aspects of the production workflow, creation of media, proofing of content, and loading and maintenance of digital material in the CMS database.

Tracy learned the system quickly and understood the finer points of terminologies, content architecture, and media composition that are fundamental to consistency and accuracy across a CMS system. She navigated content creation and administration with ease.

I was impressed by Tracy’s attention to what content was saying, and her command of grammar and natural flow in text. She has a keen eye and quickly became the final gate on all content published.

Tracy is enjoyable to work with; she is a people person; she is very accommodating, and conscientious."

— Matt Halstead, CTO Performance Lab

Other publications

"I engaged Tracy to proofread the manuscript of my 85,000-word novel. She did this with meticulous attention to detail and in a short time frame.

I was very happy with the quality of her work and am sure this helped Rich Man Road reach number one in the Neilsen NZ Fiction Bestseller charts.

I would recommend Final Word to any writer looking for a thorough and professional job.”

— Ann Glamuzina, Author / Publisher  [email]

"I highly recommend Final Word for any proofreading or copy editing.

Tracy is an absolute word expert and has an eagle eye for the smallest detail. During the four years she proofread for Allergy Today magazine, I was confident she would detect and correct all mistakes."

— Inga Stünzner, past Editor / Publisher